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About UglyMallUglyMall started when I was taking a course in "Web Page Design and Development."  The assignment was simple, to design our own website from scratch.

Since I loved to shop, I decided that a shopping site, better known as a Virtual Mall would be my project.  In all my creativity I would christen the site "The Mall."

I worked and slaved on The Mall for many days.  I researched other online malls and got ideas.  Then incorporated them into The Mall.  Finally, I came up with an easy to navigate, easy to use website.  Uploaded it to the school server and tested it.  It worked.  I was ready.

Our classroom setup allowed the teacher to sit in front of a computer, and it's display would be projected onto a big screen at the head of the class.

She asked each student the address of their site and went through them in front of class.  Some were great, some were not.  When she came across a bad one, she was nice and gave constructive criticism.  It got to my turn and she asked what the address was.  I proudly read it to her.  She typed it in, hit return and stepped away to her computer.  The Mall came alive on the big screen.  She returned to the computer, looked at it, cleared her throat and said "Well, what do we have here?, Ugly Mall."  Most people in the class began to laugh.  I turned red.  She caught herself and began to apologize.  A guy from the back exclaimed "Ugly Mall!" The rest of the class joined in laughter.  She tried to repair the situation but to no avail.

I got an A.......... I'm sure it was for sympathy.

Recently, I decided to go back to Collage, while on campus I was reminded of my class humiliation.  I recounted the Ugly Mall horror story to some friends and they encouraged me to put the site to use.

So what you see here is exactly what was turned in.  Except the title was changed to "Ugly Mall" and the links are obviously fully active.

Currently I'm studying to get an Associate Science degree in Veterinary Technology.  When I'm not in class I volunteer my time caring for animals.  Hopefully one day my dream will be realized as a Vet Tech, or an Animal Keeper.

I hope you enjoy UglyMall.

Happy Shopping,

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